Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She's growing up

Today was my oldest daughter's last day of pre-school.  Madeleine's attended this school, which doubles as daycare, on at least a part-time basis since she was 4 months old, for a total of five years. We've had our ups and downs there, but overall, her school successfully provided a secure, happy environment that served as a second home.  She's deeply attached to her teachers and classmates, and so although she's excited about kindergarten this fall, leaving today was bittersweet.

We brought gifts and letters for her current teachers but wanted also to bring something sweet and simple for all of the teachers and staff who have nurtured her along the way.  The obvious choice: her namesake cookie, the one we serve at all special events like birthdays and baptisms, the madeleine.

As I wrapped each pair of madeleines in cellophane and ribbon, I did so with sincere affection and gratitude for all of the people who helped this little girl:

first day of school, age 4 months

grow into this one: 

pre-k graduation, age 5 years

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  1. What a big day! Congrats, Madeleine! xoxo michele