Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Parenting: Storytime at the Art Museum

I've got to admit: I felt like a totally together super-mom on Thursday.  This is a rare thing, as when solo-parenting my three young girls, I often feel: (a) haggard, (b) frazzled, (c) incompetent, or (d) all of the above.  Seriously, getting all three packed up, loaded up, and driven across town for a "fun outing" while maintaining patience, grace, sanity, and good humor is not always easy for me.  So, I give myself kudos for at least one lovely day, in which all the stars aligned:

After a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast, all three girls cheerfully bathed, dressed, and loaded into the car; the older two both successfully self-applied sunscreen and chatted happily as we drove to our local university's art museum, which is open free to the public on Thursdays.  There, we enjoyed an hour-long storytime tour, during which my oldest was engaged and eager to ask and answer questions about the art and the literature, my youngest slept in the Bjorn, and my middle only tinkled on the gallery floor once quietly admired the paintings.  I happily accepted compliments from strangers on my well-behaved and sweetly dressed girls.  (These strangers don't know that many days this summer, my girls have refused to wear clothes, comb their hair, or use their indoor voices, even for a minute.)

With our spirits high and our minds enriched, we headed to our favorite urban outdoor space, where we picnicked and the kids chased each other under shady live oaks.  Nobody, including me, complained about the 100+ temps.

We headed home, where we read together for a full hour and then worked on a mosaic tile art project.  We spent another 30 minutes playing with blocks, and then I was treated to a ballet/magic/music performance with multiple costume changes.  Healthy dinner, more books, easy bedtime that included them thanking me for being "the greatest mommy in the world." Other than not swimming, it was a pretty perfect summer day for us.  Total mommy-daughters quality time.

How I wish I could just press "repeat" and enjoy every summer day as much....

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