Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ice Pops!

First, my obsession with grown-up watermelon mojito pops.  Now, this:

My local newspaper recently featured nutritious ice pop recipes from Anni Daulter's cookbook, Ice Pop Joy.  I ordered a copy right away.  Daulter espouses "Conscious Family Living" and developed this collection of healthy and delicious popsicles to help children (and their parents) expand their palates with fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, and organic proteins.  From quinoa to tofu, from kale to balsamic vinegar, the unusual ingredients in these ice pops pack lots of flavor and vitamins.

all above images courtesy of Sellers Publishing, copyright 2011

So beautiful, so healthy.  I can't wait to try these at home, especially since my oldest is a very picky eater.  What better way to sneak her veggies than through a popsicle on a 105 degree day??!!

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