Monday, August 1, 2011

Halloween Costumes...Already?

It may only be August, but retailers are already flooding my mailbox with Halloween costume catalogs. The early marketing appeals to advance planners like me.  Back in the day when my mom stayed at home on the cul-de-sac, she sewed most of our Halloween costumes herself.  My mom's costumes were fantastic creations --- plush bunny rabbits and detailed lions' manes, cute crayolas and even cuter leprechauns.  But for her daughter, who is not so artsy crafty (surely you didn't mistake this for a DIY-themed blog, did ya?), the commercial availability of well-made, cute costumes is a huge help.  As of last year, my oldest daughter now tells me what she'll wear, but for a few years, I had fun choosing for her:

Bunny (a clearance find from Gymboree):

Peacock (my all-time favorite, from Babystyle):

Little Bo Peep (from Chasing Fireflies):

"A Scarecrow Princess" (aka I wanted her to be a scarecrow; she wanted to be a princess; we compromised; from Yaya Papaya):

Mermaid (her choice, from Amazon):

I'm seeing lots of fun costumes this year, too.

From Chasing Fireflies, which always has beautifully detailed costumes:

From Pottery Barn Kids, where we've found the costumes to be comfortable and easy to wear:

(my youngest already has this one in the closet, thanks to last year's post-Halloween sale) 

From Uniquery on Etsy, these sweet garden gnomes:

From Not The Kitchen Sink on Etsy, baby sushi:

From The Miniature Knit Shop on Etsy, these gorgeous infant outfits:

(notice the knitted guns!)

And hey, if spending $410 on your child's Halloween costume is doable for you, check out this gorgeous mermaid from Posh Tots:

Have you started thinking about Halloween?  For those of you who buy costumes, what are your favorite sources?


  1. How do you choose?? Shouldn't we have a Halloween week? Giant parades every day so we can wear something new the next day? Love the Peacock costume. And the bright orange fairy from Chasing Fireflies!! Our all-time fave a few years ago for our youngest son was Roly Poly Olie - it had a ginormous round smoochie head. And one year Arielle went as Jo Jo from Jo Jo's Circus - wish they would have had a costume like that for me!! Our source: second hand stores, like those that specialize in children's clothes. They usually are in fantastic shape because they have only been worn once.

    Thank you for the visit. xoxomichele

  2. Cute costume ideas, Michele! Yes, I always scour children's consignment and resale stores as well and re-sell my own costumes there, too. Luckily, with three girls, our costumes get handed down and thrice the use! :)

    And between our neighborhood costume parade, their school costume parade, playgroup parties, and Halloween itself, I think we pretty much do have a Halloween takes certain children awhile to come down off the sugar high!