Monday, July 25, 2011

To throw or not to throw? Pillow Envy

We have exactly four throw pillows in our entire home: one one each of the beds.  That's it.  None on our sofas or chairs, none used as accessories or to "pull together the room."  The reason for this pillow void is my otherwise easygoing husband's strong aversion to fluffy accessories.  He claims pillows are the sole culprit of his allergy issues; he thinks they are germ factories; he views them as clutter.  In fact, he hates throw pillows so much that he even dislikes visiting homes of people who have throw pillows on their sofas.  And he once (half-jokingly?) said that he would know I intended to divorce if he came home from work to find throw pillows adorning our furniture.  So, we abstain from pillowry.  We all have our quirks, right?

That doesn't mean I can't admire other people's throw pillows, though.  Like this Chevron pattern, from idari and featured on a la mode:

Or this one, from Classic by Nature:

They carry an owl pillow, too.  I do love owls.

I am in love with most of Company C's products, including these pillows:

Love this hydrangea pillow from dede etsy shop:

And this beautiful work of art from Sukan:

Another Sukan pillow, this one with owls:

For the kids, I love this fresh idea from Perideau Designs:

And as soon as my girls grow enough hair to have a definitive style, I can't wait to order them olliegraphic pillows from Sarah and Abraham:

Finally, I love the tailored preppiness of Serena and Lily's initial pillows:

Sigh.  Am now wondering if it might just be easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission and buy some of these lovelies....

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