Thursday, June 23, 2011

Planning a Christening Party

I am currently planning my third daughter's christening celebration, to be held this fall.  For my older daughters, we hosted brunch buffets at our home before the baptism, and then restaurant dinners after.  This time, the baptism will be in the morning, so we're planning a dinner the night before, and a restaurant brunch after.  My to-do list includes selecting venues, invitations, a color scheme, flowers, and of course, food.

The first two christening brunches I hosted relied on a chocolate brown and pink color scheme:

Because I use chocolate brown as a neutral in much of my home decor and am well-stocked in brown linens, and because by coincidence, many of the major celebrations I've hosted, including my wedding, were held in the autumn, it's my go-to base color. For other parties in other seasons, I've paired the brown with turquoise, red, lime green, fuchsia, cobalt blue, copper, silver, and orange.  But I'm finally tiring of the heavy brown and for this party, want something more simple and modern, maybe inspired by an invitation like this:

 via Minted

I absolutely love this party, which was featured on Pizzazzerie, and these ideas, from Modern Hostess, but I think the color palettes are too spring-like for a mid-fall event. What do you think? Any fresh ideas for autumn christening celebrations out there?

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