Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Ode to Birthday Party Planning

One of my favorite duties as a mom is to plan parties for my kids and their friends.  I admit I expend a lot of time and energy planning and executing these events, whether small or large, and I enjoy the process, and the end result, immensely.

Recently, when I was obsessing a bit over a party décor detail, someone close to me commented that thinking about such things was frivolous and meaningless, especially given the current economic climate.  Her comment was intended to bite, and it did, but only for a moment, because I have a different view.  A child’s birthday party may indeed be frivolous, but taking the time to create beautiful experiences and environments for my kids is not meaningless.  Children, and the life, hope, and joy they represent, ought to be celebrated and honored at every opportunity, especially when the rest of the world is shaky and uncertain. Plus, I am a more balanced person because I take occasional breaks from the seriousness of my other work, from my responsibilities and concerns in the "real world," and think about the compatibility of shades of pink, and cake pop flavors, and tablescapes, and favor bags.   Certainly, anything can be taken over the top, but as a general rule, what’s wrong with a little frivolity?

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