Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Halloween Recap} The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

My five-year-old made the executive decision: We would have a Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween.  This was fitting, because although she hasn't yet seen the movie in full, she did spend all summer reading the original text.  After some thought, she assigned the role of Dorothy to herself, of course, and then doled out parts to the rest of us: her sisters -- the Scarecrow and the Lion; her Daddy -- the Tin Man; her Mommy -- Glinda, the Good Witch (yes!); and her grandparents -- the Wicked Witch and the Wizard.  We assembled our costumes, and on Halloween, we got in character:

Here's Dorothy and Toto:

Our little lion:

Our Scarecrow (wearing a hand-me-down costume from her sister, originally made by Yaya Papaya):

Finding a flattering adult Glinda costume proved an impossible challenge for this mama, as it turns out that puffy sleeves, thin pink satin, and miles of glittery tulle aren't a particularly good look for me --- clearly, I love my kids a lot to have worn this get-up!  (At least I didn't go this route.)  Plus, I had cool accessories.  Check out this fabulous wand, which lit up as it played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" --- this was a big hit with the kids!  ;)

Dorothy had ruby red slippers, of course, but Glinda especially loved her sparkly silver TOMS (which were also comfy for a full night of trick-or-treating)!

My husband was a trooper for donning this way-too-large Tin Man costume, complete with a plastic axe and heart:

Of course, we had to have a Wicked Witch and the Wizard himself:

Here's most of the cast assembled (my step-dad, the Wizard, was the photographer):

Sure, we took some creative license with our attire, but there was no mistaking who we were!  We even stopped traffic a time or two, as we traveled down the yellow brick road.  My daughters had a blast and were so thrilled by the parental participation. What a memorable Halloween!

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  1. So creative and visually stunning! Love all the characters - it must have been a magical evening. Memories for you and the children that will last a lifetime.

    xoxo michele