Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Magic of Childhood: Literary Fairylands

My five-year-old is obsessed with fairies.  Ever practical, she especially fixates on tooth fairy logistics and worries about the tooth fairy and her friends getting cold this winter.  She has already politely instructed Santa to build a house in our garden so the fairies will have a comfortable place to hibernate, and she has given me drawings for sophisticated, practical, and surprisingly tasteful fairy house furnishings that I am to locate and/or make.  In the meantime, almost nightly, she reads, and dreams, of fairy-land:

This Usborne school book fair purchase has been a hit for two years now. It is packed with informative "facts" about fairy life.

 This book inspires both a summer trip to Maine (which we are planning for one of the next two summers) and construction of one's own fairy house, using natural materials.

She loves that this book teaches you how to build a beautiful and multi-functional fairy house that can double as an animal sanctuary; I love that it celebrates a child's appreciation and awe of nature.

This beautifully illustrated personalized book from I See Me was a gift five years ago, and has been read scores of times since.  She loves that the fairies spell out her name and welcome her as the fairy princess.  Santa may be bringing personalized copies for each of her sisters this year, too.

I love that she shows such depth of interest in her subjects, even those as fleeting as fairies, and I encourage her exploration of childhood mythology through books.  It's a magical time to be her mom.

As always, I welcome your suggestions for expanding my children's literary horizons.  What are your kids' picks?

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  1. I will be looking for the Fairy Houses of the Maine Coast - it looks amazing. Our elementary school has a nature preserve behind it, and the younger grades build fairy houses out of nature's materials and swoon over their time out there. John came home and swore he saw a fairy in one of the houses. Such a magical time! Love your recommendations, as always!

    xoxo michele