Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reading with the Kids: Favorite New Books

In our family, summer means more time for reading...at bedtime, on hot summer afternoons, at bookstores and libraries.  I never discourage my daughters' literary habits...unless they are reading to stall tooth-brushing or vegetable-eating.  ;-)

My seven-year-old, a strong independent reader, is currently on a mystery binge.  She's already plowed through our vintage Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Trixie Belden collection.  She also loves her American Girl doll, Caroline, and especially the accompanying book series.  She's eager for more American Girl mysteries like this one:

My innately stylish four-year-old was immediately drawn to this Audrey Hepburn picture book, beautifully written by Margaret Cardillo and illustrated by Julie Denos:

And my toddler continues her obsession with Jennifer Adams' BabyLit.  We now own the entire collection, including these new favorites:

We're super excited for the BabyLit releases of Anna Karenina and Sherlock Holmes in September!

What are your kids reading this summer?

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  1. Baby Lit looks amazing- as a mother with an English degree and love of Jane Austen how did I not know these books existed? They might just end up as a present for my son.

    1. Lauren -- BabyLit is fabulous! Targeted to kids 6-36 months, I think, they are "primers" for counting, opposites, weather, animals, letters, colors, etc. No major literary storylines or deep themes -- just clever references to our favorite classics, and great illustrations as well. My now 2.5 year old has been OBSESSED with them since before her first birthday. She carries "Pride and Prejudice" with her everywhere, and I love that she talks about "English villages" and "10,000 pounds a year." ;-)

      Anyway, definitely check out the entire collection -- each book is really well done! :-)

  2. My girls love the AG book series as well. Though they haven't really gotten into the mystery series. This summer they seem to be reading lots of Rainbow Magic.

    1. KC: My oldest recently went through the Rainbow Magic phase as well. Finally, after reading the many dozens of Rainbow Fairy, Ocean Fairy, Birthday Fairy, Fun Day Fairy, etc. books, she figured out they all have the same plot! ;-) But they were great for encouraging her love of reading! Whatever it takes! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!