Saturday, June 15, 2013

85 Days of Summer: Writing Prompts for My Daughter

So, we're two weeks into summer, and my seven-year-old is already bored.  This, despite a fun summer agenda which includes various day camps, playdates, beach and city vacations, overnights at her grandparents, cooking and crafting, trips to the park, to the zoo, to the get the picture.  It's not boring 'round these parts, but you wouldn't know it based on her whining.

Fortunately, the girl loves to write; this may ultimately prove her gift.  She can journal all day long, providing she has some inspiration.  Thus, my remedy for her unsubstantiated allegations of boredom?  Eighty-five writing prompts, one for each day of our summer.  Each prompt is typed, printed on pink cardstock, individually cut and folded, and placed into a glass apothecary jar which sits on her bedroom desk.  So pretty, so inspirational, so curative of complaining.

Just in case your child is also stricken with "There's nothing to do!" I am sharing our writing topics here.  I devised them specifically for my curious seven-year-old girl and her interests, but most would apply to any elementary-aged child.  Some prompts are silly; some are serious; some require introspection; others require imagination. I hope you find some or all of them useful!

Happy Summer Parenting!

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  1. Excellent idea for your girl and interesting prompts subjects, I'm pretty sure she will be a future blogger :-). Have a good day.