Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chalk Paint Tray Transformation

Now that I've got the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint bug, I've been surveying my house for other things that need makeovers.  The first to catch my eye --- this uninspired wood serving tray that adds function to my living room ottoman:

Purchased from Pottery Barn on clearance eight years ago, this tray had seen better days, and in my new lighter, brighter living room, the dark wood tone didn't work anymore.

So, one 25-minute episode of Sofia The First later, the tray was transformed with a single coat of Aubusson Blue and clear wax.  With no need to sand or prime, this ASCP project was so quick that the kids didn't even have time to ask for a sippy cup refill.  ;)  And it was a perfect use of some of the leftover paint from my office console project.

Most importantly, it adds some subtle color to my living room and mimics the blues in the ottoman fabric and art accents throughout the room.

How have you used chalk paint?  

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