Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading with the Kids: Lovin' BabyLit!

I can't wait until next month's Kids' Picks to share these wonderful children's books, so this is a bonus post.  I recently discovered the fabulous BabyLit series by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver:

For those of us moms who love classic English literature, these sturdy, beautifully illustrated board books are the perfect counting primers to read with our toddlers.  "1 English Village...2 Rich Gentlemen....10,000 pounds a year!"  What a fantastic way to introduce our children to the characters and (age-appropriate, simplified) plots of the classics.  I can't wait until they release Jane Eyre next year!

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  1. Swoon! We love the "Shakespeare Can Be Fun" series for elementary ages - all at the library.

    Can't wait for these.

    xoxo michele