Thursday, December 22, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Our living room Christmas tree is artificial and eleven years old, but day and night, lit up and decorated with sentimental handblown glass and cloisonne ornaments, it makes us feel warm and happy.

Most of our ornaments were gifts from family and friends or collected through travels; a few were made by the kids; others, I purchased at boutiques, bazaars, and after-Christmas sales over the years. Regardless of its origin, each ornament has a story, and a memory.

This last ornament above is from Austin-based Paloma's Nest; their work is beautiful and makes lovely wedding and baby gifts.

Our tree represents our young family well: busy; colorful; a mix of sophisticated, silly, and sloppy; and very, very joyful.  Christmases are indeed merry around here.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'm with you on the Family Dinner cookbook - it is on my amazon wish list as a buy. I also struggle with my kids but especially loved the suggestions from Robert Kennedy Jr. - we get simple poetry books from the library and the kids recite - our youngest prefers reciting Calvin and Hobbes or Piggie and Gerald - which I guess is fine, right? And all three know the Jabberwocky poem by heart - I love that cookbook, more like a family relations book....

    xoxo michele