Monday, December 19, 2011


The most wonderful package arrived in the mail today, a box that smelled so yummy that the delivery guy didn't want to part with it.  Inside: Benton's Hickory Smoked Country Bacon, from Tennessee.  

Yes, bacon.  In the mail.  8 pounds of it, to be exact.  And it is truly the *best* bacon --- thick slices, hickory smoked in a wood stove, dry-cured for months.

My dear mother-in-law introduced us to Benton's a few years ago, when she sent some as as gift.  She said it was the best bacon ever, and of course, she was right.  Since then, we've been gifted with bacon on several occasions, and Benton's bacon has become a staple at our holiday brunches.  This year, my husband insisted that we order it in bulk, to ensure we don't run out when our guests demand thirds and fourths.  So, we did.  And we are happy.

I promise I am not being paid for this post --- by Benton's or by the pork lobbyists or by anyone else.  But when you find something so uniquely good, you just have to share it.  Trust me, and order some Benton's bacon today.  They take a few weeks to send it out, but it is worth the wait!  You can always diet after New Year's!

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