Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Ann Arbor to Austin: Scouting for Fairies

My young daughters love fairies --- from woodland fairies to the Sugar Plum Fairy.  We even have fairies in our own backyard:

So wherever we go, we look for clues of other "real life" fairies.  Such quests force us to slow down a bit, appreciate our surroundings, and look for magic in the everyday.

Last summer, on a vigilant walk through downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, we spied tiny fairy doors on the facades of homes, restaurants, retail stores, and office buildings.  The fairies apparently moved into town in 1993, thanks to the efforts of Jonathan Wright (whom you can follow on Pinterest here), and today, their presence delights even the most skeptical of visitors.  My girls were thrilled to spot these charming fairy doors, at the steps of which visitors leave tokens and gifts:  

The "Fairy Woods" at the University of Michigan's Nichols Arboretum was another must-see for our family.  Our children were enchanted with the earnestly designed fairy houses, all constructed from natural materials and found objects.  We spent hours under the tall, whispering pines, building and decorating our own fairy homes.

Back home in Austin, we have discovered fairy houses in our local botanical gardens:

And our favorite:

Any fairy sightings in your neck of the woods? :-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this at Tuesday Trivia. You are being featured on today's post. I Love this! I'm going to have a lovely time with my 5 granddaugters with this.
    Now following you too! Can't wait to see what you share next week.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  2. Hi there! I found you at Memories by the Miles' 4/23 party. Love the fairy houses and your trip. My oldest just loves fairies, so she would be all over making our own fairy house, with the hope that Tinker Bell would approve. ;)

    Sherry @ Who Needs A Cape?