Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Helping My Daughter Fall in Love with Reading

Kindergarten continues to go swimmingly well, and my daughter continues to read, and be read to, enthusiastically each evening.  As fall sets in, here are the books that, with each read, help my five-year-old fall in love with reading:

My 5-year-old daughter is an artist, and this gorgeous book, about the joy of free creative expression, is a gem.  The text is simple, but she can read much of it herself, and she immediately understands the deeper meaning: "See? I can draw whatever makes me happy!"  Exactly.

Her obsession over when she'll lose her first tooth continues. 

My daughter's current favorite subject in kindergarten is science.  Every day, her class engages in simple but fun, and very hands-on, science experiments.  My daughter then comes home and develops her own experiments on household items, following a rudimentary scientific method: "First, make a prediction.  Then think of an experiment to test the prediction.  Then see if your prediction comes true.  And always take good notes."  This book is funny, and when prefaced with the usual parental warnings (these experiments are silly and just for pretend --- don't try them on your own!!!), ideal mind-candy for a budding scientist.

She loooovves Pinkalicious, and she has a packed playdate schedule herself, so this is a perfect "I Can Read" book to help build her literacy confidence.

This is a *beautiful* book with stunning illustrations and a wonderful story.  It's a new addition to our home library, but one I think will be a treasure for many years.

As always, I'd love your suggestions for children's literature.  And if you are new to the cul-de-sac, I welcome you to follow and join me in celebrating, nesting, nurturing, sharing, traveling, and of course, reading.

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  1. What a fun stage in life! I'm glad you are doing all you can to encourage her love of learning.


  2. I think your daughter and my five year old little girl would be great friends, as it seems that they have many interests and reading styles in common! :) Isn't the new Eric Carle book just incredible?? I'm so looking forward to buying that one for our home library, too.
    -Dawn, 5M4B

  3. I am constantly stock-piling books that my now-18-month-old will appreciate later, and these have all gone on my list! Especially the first one - I have not heard of this Eric Carle book, but I love his other ones. Thanks for the tips!

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