Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September Reading List

My nightstand bookstack / iBooks library is a little sparse these days, thanks to my complete exhaustion from managing intense work obligations and the kiddos' crazy schedules. Sleep temporarily outranks reading!

But not completely, of course!

Here's my reading agenda for September:

Because after ten years, we still struggle for perspective.

Because I loved Little Children (the book) and Election (the film), 
and I always appreciate dark satire of suburbia.

Because it's being touted as "Gatsby-esque," and I loved Gatsby.

Because NPR told me to read it, and NPR has yet to lead me astray. :)

As always, I welcome your recommendations.

(Sharing with my friends at 5 Minutes for Books)


  1. I'm listening to The Leftovers on audio right now. I really liked Little Children, I recommended it to a friend and she hated it so I'm glad to see someone else enjoyed it. Great books! Thanks for linking up.


  2. When you share your book agenda, I take notes. Enjoyed Little Children as well. I have just starting Ahab's Wife and doing a collection featuring it very soon. It is one of those reads that makes me wish I could check into a hotel for a week and disappear off the radar. Only in my mind, though. :)

    xoxo michele

  3. Glad to see I'm in the company of Tom Perrotta fans!

    Michele --- Thanks for the recommendation. Adding Ahab's Wife to my list!

  4. Oooh...those look fascinating!

    Elizabeth from 5MFB

  5. I haven't heard of any of these books but the covers look interesting! Happy reading!