Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooking with the Kids: Fruit Tarts

My extremely independent five-year-old is a budding chef.  Her skills are more Sandra Lee than Alton Brown, but that's ok.  I encourage her creativity in the kitchen because someone needs to use all of those fancy Williams-Sonoma gadgets I registered for when I got married.  Under my watch, they merely gather dust.

Anyway, we had invited family friends over for dinner on Labor Day, and my daughter wanted to make dessert for the kids. She recalled making fruit tarts at a local kids' cooking class and decided to create her own version:

Pretty cute for a five-year-old's handiwork, yes?  She simply mixed instant pudding and let it chill.  She then poured the pudding into pre-made graham cracker crusts, topped with fresh berries, and garnished with mint (the garnishing is her favorite part).  She noted that next time, she might use chocolate pudding instead of vanilla because "chocolate and strawberries are really yummy together" but otherwise, she seemed satisfied with her efforts.  She ate three of them herself, but they were a hit with the grown-ups, too.  :)

What are your kids' favorite culinary creations?


  1. Yippee! Our kids can get together and cook/bake and we can discuss books and ideas and other fun stuff that doesn't require WS gadgets! :)

    Her masterpieces are divine! My daughter loves to make Bento Box animals - it is quite fun (but time consuming and I have a tendency to give up long before her).

    xoxo michele

  2. Bento Box animals are so fun! I keep hoping my oldest picky eater might be inspired to try some new foods via creative presentation, but so far, she's not fooled by cuteness. :)

    I'm guessing there's a Bento Box cook/idea book at the library? ;-)